Procedures and Indications

Procedures and Indications

There is no such medical procedure as "transsexual surgery." Indeed, this is a diagnosis, not a procedure. It singles out one particular diagnosis and says that even if the procedures are medically necessary and even if they would be covered for anyone else they are not covered for transsexuals.

This table shows the various procedures that may be involved for surgical correction of the anatomy of a transsexual. Most of these procedures would be covered for other diagnoses and are excluded only for transsexuals. Other reasons that may indicate these surgical procedures are shown in the third column.

Medications Prescribed

Procedure Description Indications
hormone replacement therapy (HRT) estrogens or testosterones menopause

Male to Female Procedures

Procedure Description Indications
orchiectomy the removal of testicles. prostate cancer
penectomy the removal of the penis. cancer of the penis
vaginoplasty the formation of a vagina vaginal agenesis
vaginal cancer (following vaginectomy)
intersexual children
augmentation mammaplasty breast enlargement breast cancer

Female to Male Procedures

Procedure Description Indications
mastectomy breast removal breast cancer
hysterectomy removal of the uterus many reasons including cancer
salpingo-oophorectomy the removal of the ovaries and fallopean tubes ovarian cancer
vaginectomy the removal of the vagina vaginal cancer
metoidioplasty release of clitoris from hood - simple outpatient procedure intersexual children
scrotoplasty the formation of a scrotum and testicular implants - simple outpatient procedure injury
urethroplasty the rerouting of the urethra hypospadia
urethral stricture
phalloplasty. the formation of a penis injury (e.g. John Wayne Bobbitt)