Workplace Guidelines for Transgendered Employees

Many companies have established an Equal Employment Opportunity (EO) policy stating that it is against company policy to discriminate or harass employees due to "gender identity or expression." This policy protects transgendered and intersexual employees. It also provides broad protection for many non transgendered employees whose gender expression is nontraditional, such as masculine women and feminine men.

Disclaimer: This document makes recommendations from one successful transgendered worker to employees of progressive companies affected by this policy. While this document does not represent any official company policy, it does offer some informal guidance. These guidelines contain some common sense, in the authors opinion, and attempt to define a reasonable compromise between the needs of transgendered employees and the current state of society.

This document uses the term "employee". While the company cannot set policies for other organizations and their contractors, customers, suppliers, and others we interact with, the recommendations set forth herein are intended to apply to all affected workplaces.

  • Guidelines for Transsexuals
  • Checklist for Transitioning in the Workplace
  • Sample letter to employer (if you believe they will be uncooperative.)
  • Guidelines for Gender Benders
  • Guidelines for Bigendered people crossdressing part-time in the workplace.
  • The Restroom
  • Guidelines for Intersexuals
  • Guidelines for Supportive Coworkers
  • Guidelines for Uncomfortable Coworkers
  • Pointers for co-workers, whether supporting or not
  • For more information

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