Diane's Success Story

It Works!!! I came out at my workplace, a law firm in Idaho, following your guidelines as posted on the Transgender at Work website. I discovered it rather mid-process and was gratified that my intuition and nature had already guided me right along the suggestions that you made! I spoke to my closest co-workers privately myself (and they expressed relief that it wasn't anything serious! They thought I might have had health issues because I had lost weight and had odd appointments that I didn't talk about). We had the full office meetings with all 112 people at the firm (and I was tremendously relieved by the positive responses!). We waited a week for calm to return and I came to work as Dianne! I am still amazed that it has gone so smoothly.

Idaho is a VERY conservative part of the country and large number of my co-workers are firmly conservative. Many of them have become my staunchest allies and most valued friends. We have all learned that preconceptions are just not at all a useful tool in the real world! And it has been all about learning. Here are my biggest insights so far.

Thanks for being resources and special thanks for going down the path before me. Every person who transitions has the chance to make it better for those coming along in the future. If we do things positively people will accept that it is a positive thing! I think we are getting there.

Dianne P.